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Damien Chazelle’s “Whiplash” will screen as part of the 52nd New York Film Festival (September 26 - October 12).

A pedagogical thriller and an emotional S&M two-hander, Whiplash is brilliantly acted by Miles Teller as an eager jazz drummer at an unnamed New York music academy and J.K. Simmons as the teacher whose method of terrorizing his students is beyond questionable, even when it gets results.

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"One day, kind of as a joke, I said: ‘Remember that shot we did in Pride & Prejudice, the long Steadicam shot? Wouldn’t it be cool if we did that on the beach?’ Everyone laughed, but the joke then turned into something dauntingly real.” — Joe Wright.

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Boys, you must strive to find your own voice. Because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all. Thoreau said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Don’t be resigned to that. Break out! - Dead Poets Society

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Dick Smith, “the godfather of makeup”

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Here’s The Exclusive Michael Fassbender British GQ Video Film | Feb. 2014 (x)

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